Enhancing teaching and learning with technology



In addition to the standard workshops below, we can design and deliver tailored professional development materials to fit the needs of your school, whether that is as a one-off workshop, or series of sessions.

Enhancing essential classroom practice with technology integration

For many years technology has been taught and used in a disciplinary, stand-alone way, or seen as the responsibility of the ‘ICT teacher’, yet this is not the way that technology is used by adults or students beyond the walls of the school. For the majority of us, technology is a tool we integrate in our lives to enhance how we communicate, socialise, manage our finances, work on projects, create music and art, and for many other purposes. In the classroom, all teachers can use technology to enhance how they teach and how our students learn. We need to do this not just because this is how we can best prepare our students for life in an increasingly technological world, but because when it is integrated purposefully, planned for thoughtfully and implemented meaningfully it will truly benefit our ability to think flexibly in a world needing creative problem-solvers.

During this workshop, classroom teachers look deeply at elements of learning such as assessment, differentiation, communication, collaboration, and constructing understanding, and explore how integrated technology tools and approaches can enhance elements of learning in a day-to-day capacity.

Teachers will explore the role of mindset in shaping teacher approaches and beliefs about technology in the classroom and be introduced to strategies for developing positive technology mindsets to increase confidence and capacity. Teachers will learn how to plan for, scaffold and implement technology integration in an effective and purposeful way, to ensure that technology integration, rather than being an add-on, truly enhances what is happening in the classroom.

Through hands-on activities (based on availability of in-school resources), in-context modelling, professional conversation and targeted support, teachers will explore how feedback, questioning, reflection, assessment, student participation, small group instruction, differentiation and other vital components of modern education can be enhanced by technology integration to benefit all teachers and students.

Enhancing the curriculum with STEAM integration

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Arts) tools and approaches are becoming more and more common in schools. Whether in dedicated makerspaces, or in the classroom, are becoming more and more common in schools, making and creating provide valuable opportunities for students to problem-solve, design, create, build resilience, tinker and innovate. These opportunities help our students to learn real skills that support their learning, from the ability to plan, build and use something concrete to the ability to collaborate, compromise, fail, keep on trying and succeed.

The challenge for schools and educators is to integrate and implement these makerspace tools and approaches into learning in a way that is meaningful, connected and authentic, enhancing and supporting the curriculum rather than simply adding-on or distracting from it. For many teachers, also, as exciting as the tools and approaches a makerspace benefits from are, they can also be intimidating, unfamiliar or overwhelming.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to play with a variety of digital and non-digital making and creating tools in supported, context-driven, fun activities that will introduce you to a range of educational tools and approaches that can be implemented in your school or classroom. We will help you to identify opportunities to integrate STEAM principles into your wider curriculum through hands-on activities, discussion, examples and demonstrations. We will introduce you to strategies for planning and scaffolding that will support you and your students to be successful when making and creating. In this workshop you will gain hands-on experience, a range of practical and contextual strategies and approaches and a deepened conceptual understanding that will motivate and empower you to make and create meaningfully with your students.

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