What we believe

At Intechgrate we believe that educational technologies can be the very little key that has the power to open the very heavy door of changing the face of classroom education.

In the daily lives of people, technology is not just a stand alone subject but a flexible tool that is integrated into every aspect of modern life. It is time for the classroom to mirror this.  We, as educational professionals, need to consciously make this shift in order to prepare students to flourish in an ever-changing world. 

We believe that simply knowing how to use technology tools is not going to be the skill or the understanding our students need in and beyond school. Instead they need to know when and why to use technology so they can innovate, communicate and collaborate in ways that mirror and support how technology is being used now and in the future. When technology is integrated into schools and classrooms deliberately, meaningfully and purposefully it can give teachers and students access to the wider curriculum and learning experiences that just couldn't be achieved in any other way.

Truly effective technology integration isn't always easy, so we consult on curriculum, resources, training, mindset, philosophy and approach to help schools and teachers take the concept of technology integration and turn it into a reality.