We believe that many factors work together to support effective technology integration. We offer consultation services in the following areas, tailored to your needs and context so that we can provide your school with exactly the support it needs. 

Vision & MIndset

Vision & mindset

In order for schools and teachers to use and integrate technology effectively it is important for a clear vision to be in place about the purpose and application of educational technologies in your context. We can help you to build and articulate that vision at the leadership level, by developing mission-statements, organisational objectives and school philosophy that supports technology integration. 

With a vision in place, it is important that an effective and supportive mindset is developed around technology in the classroom. We offer in-house training to guide teachers through exploring their beliefs and mindsets related to technology, and its role in teaching and learning and begin to establish a shared understanding and positive mindset around technology integration in your school.



Developing a technology curriculum that enables integration can be very challenging. We can support you to develop or restructure your existing curriculum to facilitate integration, work with you to write new curriculum, or develop bespoke curriculum on your behalf.

We understand the need to work within a national or legislative context, and will use current research, international curricula and best-practice approaches to build a curriculum that suits the unique needs of your school.


Teacher training

For technology to be integrated effectively in the classroom, teachers need support and guidance to understand, plan for and use resources and approaches meaningfully to enhance learning.

We plan and deliver hands-on, relevant training sessions rooted in classroom practice to support teachers with:

  • Understanding and using their technology curriculum
  • Integrating technology skills into transdiscipilinary teaching and learning
  • Planning for day-to-day integration
  • Scaffolding integration projects and activities
  • Understanding, planning for and integrating specific tech tools/approaches (e.g. coding, or iPads)
  • Other areas as needed

Needs analysis.png

Needs analysis & development planning

At Intechgrate we believe that many factors interact to create or hinder the conditions for effective technology integration. We can provide needs analysis and recommendations for development related to:

  • Curriculum
  • Resources
  • Infrastructure
  • Teacher capacity
  • Professional development
  • Vision & philosophy