What is integration?

What is technology integration, how do you plan for it and how does it look? To help to make the answers to those questions clearer we maintain a growing collection of examples of classroom technology integration. Sometimes taking theory and documentation and turning those into reality takes exposure to practice happening in other schools. By sharing exciting, innovative teaching and learning we hope to be able to help teachers to try out new ideas and share what is happening in their own classrooms.

Browse the sections below or use the search bar to search by year level, tool, ICT skill, transdisciplinary theme or curricular area.

Skill-Specific Integration

Most of the integration we see happening in the classroom falls under one or two of the "Role of ICT in the PYP" skills:

  • Organising
  • Investigating
  • Creating
  • Communicating
  • Collaborating
  • Becoming Responsible Digital Citizens

Here we have a collection of examples of teaching and learning that integrate technology through one or two of these skills. 

Trans-skill integration

Sometimes an activity, project or learning engagement can't be categorised by only one or two skills. These trans-skill integration examples are very interesting and exciting and we hope to be able to add to this collection more and more as understanding of EdTech integration develops!


Get involved!

We want to share how you are integrating technology in your classroom or school! Use the Google Form below to submit an example of your practice and we will feature it here on Intechgrate: