Back to School - Seesaw workshop

Today we had our first Seesaw session of the year, where some of our teachers who used Seesaw in their classrooms last year shared their practice and ideas with the rest of the Primary school community... and what a session it was!

The atmosphere was energetic, positive, open-minded and engaged and our session leaders were so knowledgeable, enthusiastic and communicative. As you can see, it was a very busy, interactive session and the responses in the Google Form staff were asked to fill out definitely show that there was a high level of interest and understanding.

Please click the image to see a summary of responses:

Please click the image to see a summary of responses:

Before our breakout session, I gave a brief introduction and overview of what Seesaw is, and some of the ways we use it in our school:

  • Portfolio
  • Learning journal
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Evidence gathering
  • Recording
  • Reflection
  • Communication
  • Digital citizenship
  • Teaching key ICT skills

Staff then visited six stations to see examples of these uses in context and ask questions of people who have become experts about Seesaw in their own right.

Before we wrapped up we talked a little bit further about where we are right now in our use of Seesaw, where we are going this academic year and gave some ideas about how to get started in the next couple of weeks. Please visit the links in the presentation below to access some really helpful Seesaw resources!


People asked many excellent, relevant questions, especially about engaging the parents, the ins and outs of commenting and liking and the mechanics of introducing Seesaw in their classes, and I am really looking forward to answering these at our first (differentiated!) Seesaw training sessions which I hope to schedule as quickly as possible.

Thank you all again, and please let me know if you have any questions or need any resources!