Out with the old...

The equipment fairies have been visiting classrooms lately (feel free to imagine me and Stefan flitting about with sparkly wings).

Several of our teacher PCs have recently been replaced, having become too old to manage Reflector 2, which is increasingly an integral tool for our ICT integration and teaching in general. Big thanks to the IT Technical department and the school for making it possible for us to have these devices during the school year!

Additionally, homeroom PC headphones have been replaced so when you arrive in the morning you will see bright blue headphones plugged into each PC. The iPad grade level sets will be distributed as soon as storage boxes arrive. All the old sets of PC headphones are in my room, and I will test them to find the fully functional sets. If you are a language or subject specialist teacher who is in need of headphones, please let me know and I will see what I can do.

Similarly, please remember that if you do have a problem with your hardware, always put in a support ticket with as much details as possible of the problem, even if you have submitted tickets before. This helps the technical department narrow down the problem and gives them a record of the frequency. If you have a problem which you feel does not belong in a ticket, for whatever reason, please drop me an email :)