Headphones for all!

Exciting news: our brand new, beautiful headphones have arrived, and they will soon be ready to be distributed to homerooms!

After replacing the headphones in the ICT lab, so that we have a full complement of working headphones, we are now also able to supply every homeroom with new, Sound Intone HD850 headphones for the classroom PCs, and we have additionally ordered grade-level sets of headphones for the iPads.

These headphones have some very useful features which you can use in your classroom, to make the iPads easier to integrate and use on a daily basis.

Firstly, the headphones are comfy and should fit our age-group well.

Secondly, the headphones each have an inline microphone built into the cable. This is very important, as it means it will be much easier for students to record their voice without background noise making the recording difficult to hear. This is especially important in classes where teachers are using RAZ kids to do iPad-based running record reading assessments, or where students are doing voice recordings in SeeSaw, iMovie or other apps. 

Finally, these headphones have what is called a daisy-chain function.... this means multiple sets can be connected together to allow several students to listen on one iPad at the same time through headphones.

One thing to be aware of is that when headphones are daisy-chained, only the mic on the main set, which is directly plugged into the iPad, will work.

For reference here is the allocation of the headphones this year:

G1 - 1 pair per class (PC), plus 4 pairs for the grade-level to share (iPads)

G2 - 2 pairs per class (PC), plus 4 pairs for the grade-level to share (iPads)

G3 - 2 pairs per class (PC), plus 4 pairs for the grade-level to share (iPads)

G4 - 2 pairs per class (PC), plus 5 pairs for the grade-level to share (iPads)

G5 - 4 pairs per class (PC), plus 10 pairs for the grade-level to share (iPads)

In the long term, we will be considering the best option to ensure we have sufficient headphones in each room, including specialist subject and language classes from next year, and any pre-existing fully-functioning headphones will be redistributed to subject specialist and language teachers as soon as possible.

Storage boxes will be purchased at the start of the week, and more information, including how and where the shared sets will follow as soon early next week, before headphones are distributed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for next year.