Presenting... our new, improved ICT lab!

The painter, maintenance and technical team have been very, very busy over the February break and thanks to their incredible work, we now have a very different-looking ICT Lab!

Here is the ICT Lab on Thursday, with Klaus arranging cables under the desks.

The walls have been repainted white to really highlight the colours of our magnetic circles and it gives the room a much cleaner feeling, I think. 

Additionally, and most importantly, the layout of the room has totally changed. The computers are now arranged in 4 rows as opposed to 6, in such a way that all screens should be more easily visible to the teacher, students are easier to get to when they need help, and no student is seated with their back to the whiteboard. The printer has moved to the left side of the board, and whilst this will make it less convenient to pop in for printing during lessons, it opens up the room for teaching.

From the plan to the execution

Behind the teacher desk, hooks will be installed to store headphones more effectively, and reduce breakages to make sure students only use the headphones when they are really needed.

Please feel free to comment below on your experiences and share any observations, issues or positive impressions that you have!