European Conference for ipads in the classroom

This week I was lucky enough to be sent to the European Conference on iPads at the International School of Amsterdam, and it was a fantastic experience! Also, it gave me one million ideas and a whole fresh perspective on what we can do at BIS to integrate technology into classrooms even further, in a meaningful and easy-to-manage way.

Just a few of the highlights included seeing just how easy it is to work with green screens using the DoInk app: here are Olivia from Grade 1 and me working it out together.


 I also had the opportunity to try out Osmo: Yury showed me this online some time ago and I thought at the time it seemed like witchcraft… and I can now confirm it actually is magic. I think it would be a wonderful tool for EAL, Grade 1 or Learning Support although as you may notice I spectacularly failed to solve this tangram puzzle myself, so I think it may also have some upper primary uses…

I also saw how data loggers are moving forwards, with devices like this one, which can measure altitude, humidity, temperature, and a whole range of other environmental factors to make it possible to gathera wider-than-ever range of data and then work seamlessly with the iPad to analyse and use it:

We learned about augmented reality books, which can bring a student’s learning about topics such as the solar system or dinosaurs to life in a big way:

There were robots, drones, apps to make old-school video games, animation apps, and an enormous variety of highly-flexible, easy to use apps to help make children’s thinking visible, support collaboration and creativity, and enhance classroom learning.

I’m looking forward to sharing some of these tools over the next term!