ICT PLC - Osmo, Airplay and Airdrop

The ICT PLC met for the 2nd time this academic year today and we finally had the chance to spread our attention a little wider than Seesaw and take the time to explore a tool we have invested in here - Osmo.

Staff had the opportunity to test Osmo Words, Tangram, Numbers and Coding and discuss how they could be used in various ways to support learning across the curriculum and in various subjects. Eric, Rachel, Paula and several other members of staff with previous experience of some of the Osmo games were enormous helps sharing their knowledge and ideas with colleagues and it was wonderful to see our PLC really taking shape with different people supporting each other in a very collegial and collaborative way.

Some ideas we shared were:

  • Use Words to support vocabulary development in EAL, GAL, Unit, Guided Reading and Maths
  • Create custom decks for words using photos from our school as context clues
  • Use Numbers not only in maths, but to develop German maths vocabulary through conversation and play
  • Use Coding as a station to support the ICT Scope and Sequence, in which "algorithmic thinking" is a learning objective from Grade 1 on
  • Use Tangram to develop spatial awareness, colour and 2D shape vocabulary in English and German

Many staff were keen to try Osmo out and were invited to come for support in setting up and account and logging in on their class iPads, and some grade levels without Osmo are keen to look into buying their own set.

Following Osmo we talked briefly about Airplay and Airdrop as tools to support teaching and learning. Many of the staff members who attended were already using either Airplay, Airdrop or both but perhaps hadn't had much practice yet or were not familiar with the terminology.

We heard from members of staff who use Airdrop with the iPad and Apple TV in numerous ways:

  • To turn the iPad into a document camera
  • To use the iPad as a way of sharing what students are doing at their table, live with the Camera app
  • To enable demonstration of a skill or task whilst students remain in their seats with the Camera app
  • To share and display notes to guide a task on the Beamer
  • To have students share their work on the iPad with the whole class
  • To demonstrate and model a task to the whole class

We also talked briefly about Airdrop and how useful it can be to share documents, photos and framed (such as in Book Creator) with students that they can then edit, annotate or add to Seesaw.

Below you will find the Slides from today's session along with the handouts which were available on the desks. If you have any questions or want any support about any of today's topics, please let me know!

Additionally, if you have a wish for our next PLC or you would be interested in leading a PLC session yourself or with my support, please get in touch...